Dispomed Surgical Drapes Principles

Every single drape Dispomed produce ensures to address one or more of the goals “principles “. Dispomed, create innovative Surgical drapes with optimal standards:


• Barrier between the surgical field and possible sources of microbes. Isolating the incision site to create a sterile field.

• Impervious and fluid-resistant to prevent strike-through contamination from microorganisms.

• Minimizes airborne contamination and spreading of particles into the surgical wound.


• Protect the patient from their own skin flora (endogenous source of contamination) and surgical team members and environment (exogenous sources of contamination).


• Lint free, nonwoven, absorbent fabric laminated to a plastic film.

• Resistance to punctures and tears.

• Flexible to conform as much as possible to the contour of the patient and OR table and soft.

Dispomed created Sterilized Surgical Packs & Drapes that comply with EN13795.

* European Directive EN 13795-3:2006: The European harmonized standard specifying requirements for single-use and reusable gowns, drapes and clean air suits used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment and intended to prevent the transmission of infective agents between patients and clinical staff during invasive surgical procedures.

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